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Big Bite Birch Pro Bat

Big Bite Birch Pro Bat

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The future is here with our latest addition to the dog house “ THE BIG BITE !”

This is a super high quality solid wood bat made of Birch, which is much stronger than Ash and even out performs Maple! It has excellent natural characteristics that give awesome flexibility and an expanded hitting surface that will help you increase your power numbers when it really counts. This is a very hard wood that doesn’t flake like Ash and is much lighter than most woods, which will allow players to swing much larger barrels than normal. Birch is quickly becoming the bat of the future, so pick up one of these bones if you’re ready to get off the leash and out of the yard!

“A true Mad Dogger has some bite behind their bark!”

- M110 Model
- Black Handle/Red Barrel
- Cupped
- Hand Selected Birch Wood
- Furniture Grade Finish
- Please allow 1-3 weeks production

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